Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mapletree Industrial Trust results beats forecasts!

Mapletree Industrial Trust achieves DPU of 1.93 cents for 4Q

TUESDAY, 26 APRIL 2011 22:20

Mapletree Industrial Trust (MIT) says it has achieved a DPU of 1.93 cents for 4Q FY2010, exceeding forecast by 9.7%.

For the period from listing sate of 21 October 2010 to end of Financial Year 2010 of 31 March 2011, total DPU was 3.45 cents, or 11.3% higher than forecast.
NAV per unit improved to $0.95 from $0.86 due mainly to gains from revaluation of MIT’s investment properties.

Distributable income was $28.3 million, net property income was $37.2 million while gross revenue was $53.4 million.

MIT says it will continue to optimise renewal rental rates. The retention rate of existing tenants was 85.9% for 4Q FY2010, an increase from the retention rate of 80.6% achieved in the previous quarter. The average rental rate for leases renewed during the quarter was 15.5% higher than the average rental rate before renewal.

The above article is quoted from The Edge website as listed below.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Cut loss or hold? + Updates

Haven't updated in a while...

Having be in shares for almost half a year, I think the most difficult decision to make as a young and new trader/investor is whether or not to cut losses on an under-performing stock. Personally, after attending a few more talks on technical analysis and discussion with my friends, I realized that my buying of SATS @ 2.87 was of a very bad timing and price. However, I was not receptive to the decision of cutting my losses till I see it slide all the way down to about 2.55 now. Thinking back, should I cut my loss? Some reasons I chose not to was that the company pays out regular dividends making it quite a stable company in my opinion and that I have the ability to hold on to the share for a longer term. In addition, the recent earthquake in Japan came at a poor time as SATS have just taken over TFK, a Japanese airline caterer. This is where I felt kind of confused. Would the money be put to better use than leaving it stuck at a paper loss?

Because of this I went to read up and had a discussion with a few friends. I believe the question can be answered based on one's chosen time period for trading, whether it is short, mid or long-term. Now, I categorize the shares in my portfolio based on whether it is a short, mid or long-term trade. SATS, being a share which gives out a stable yield, is, in my opinion, a mid-term share. Thus I decided to hold onto my current lots. Hopefully some of you who read my blog can give me some opinions? :)

I loaded a few lots of Indofood Agri @ 2.19 just last week and I must say I'm still not experienced enough to decide on a good enter price. After entering at that price, the price bottomed out to 2.12 before rallying on thursday to close at 2.19 after a high of 2.21. Seasoned traders would have took and made a huge profit before good friday! Oh well, after every trade, I only become more experienced!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

MRT reserved seating?

I was bored and was looking around at the MRT. The original sign is pretty useless. So this should be a better alternative. Throw is a $500 fine and maybe there will be indeed reserved seating!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Manhattan Resources

This stock fell quite a bit since the start of February but has seen strong recovery the past two days as it hit the lower bollinger band. Missed the boat today, my indecisiveness cost me again.. I could have entered at 89cents in the afternoon but was afraid since i have no holding power currently, could only purchase it on contra. Looks good to go back to its $1.20 range if market continues to recover.

Keep it on watchlist!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Generalizing S-Chips?

With the recent fiasco with 2 S-Chips listed on the SGX, namely, China Hongxing and Hongwei Technologies and their accounting irregularities in their financials, I think many now have nodded their heads in agreement in general that S-Chips are indeed unreliable and dangerous to invest in.

However, looking at the current S-Chips in my portfolio, namely JES International and Fuxing China Group, I think that the stereotype of S-Chips being poorly run and managed is unfair to these well performing S-Chips.
JES International and Fuxing recently posted good results for their FY10, with Fuxing continuing the policy of declaring dividends. Fuxing declared a 0.02 CNY dividend for FY10 even though they are in the midst of acquiring 3 companies for their horizontal expansion. JES reversed a loss in FY09 to post a better than expected  profit and currently have a huge orderbook worth 1.6billion which would keep JES's shipyard busy for the next 2 years as explained by their CEO Jin Xin.

I am optimistic of both companies growth in the years to come and if you have missed taking a position on JES when the Libya unrest caused the STI to fall for the past 2 weeks, the price now at 31 cents still represent a good opportunity to enter. Fuxing on the other hand has been holding steady at 16.5/17 cents since the start of the year. With continued good results and dividends, both companies share prices look good to rise with the investors' increased confidence when they are announced.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

SATS oversold?

Just before it went all the way down to 2.60 since the start of the week, I loaded 3 lots @ 2.87.
It was probably due to the overall bearish mood of the market and the rather unconvincing results that SATS released which shows its profits decreased due to rising food prices. In addition, many brokerage calls have been downgraded to sell/hold. I'm rather pessimistic and feel that there may still be further downside but with its stable dividend and with a major shareholder in Temasek Holdings, this may just be a temporary correction. The acquisition of TFK should aid in future profits and also the lack of news on a 3rd ground handler in Changi Airport should be good prospects for the company and we should see it rebound soon.

Have been posting less recently but I hope to post for frequently as I have ORDed as of  TODAY!

Friday, January 28, 2011

NEW! Kim Eng Research Website

Personally, I use Kim Eng for my trades and I find their interface for KeForex and KeTrade very user-friendly and pleasing to the eye.

Now, they have launched their new research website for like-minded investors to visit their brokerage calls, news etc.

Visit the website at : !